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The Minelab GO-FIND 22 Metal Detector is the compact and easy to use lightweight entry level beach, coin and treasure detector that the whole family can enjoy. Unfold, switch on and go – It is that simple! Suppled with an 8' waterproof mono coil and equipped with great discrimination

This unit allows the user to identify most objects before digging them up. This detector is suited to the budget conscious treasure seeker looking to discover some of the earth’s hidden treasures. With Minelab Easy-Trak auto ground balance to help reduce noise interference from most ground conditions you are certain to find more targets more often

Enjoy fun and adventure with the GO-FIND 22. It's the perfect metal detector for finding coins, jewellery and even treasure.

It's awesome fun for the whole family!

The GO-FIND detectors are lightweight and collapsible. The search coil is fully waterproof, so you can find treasure on land and in water.

The GO-FIND is easy to use, simply press the FIND button to select from search modes, and go detecting. Its awesome fun for the whole family.

Whether you are searching for coins, jewellery or treasure. Discoveries are right beneath your feet with audio & visual alerts. Its that simple.