ALLSIR1NS  -  External Strobe Siren

ALLSIR1NS - External Strobe Siren

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The ALL-SIR1 Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren is alarm built to output both a siren and strobe light flashing when an alarm has been triggered.

Product Features:
ââ¬Ã¢ Wireless indoor siren (115dB) with flashing strobe light
ââ¬Ã¢ Can be used as wireless siren by connecting to control panel
ââ¬Ã¢ Can work as a standalone alarm system by adding wireless accessories
ââ¬Ã¢ Can be used as a wired siren by connecting to a wired alarm system
ââ¬Ã¢ Adjustable siren volume and alarm time
ââ¬Ã¢ IP56 weather rated for outdoor applications
ââ¬Ã¢ 12VDC power supply with rechargeable 3.7V lithium backup battery
ââ¬Ã¢ Monitor and receive alerts to your phone with the Smart Life app