Provides full USB 3.0 functionality to 7 ports, providing you with a convenient way to externally connect all sorts of USB 3.0 devices, such as mice, keyboards, hard drives, smartphones and printers. It’s slimline to conveniently fit into luggage or a laptop bag, and is backward compatible with older USB devices too. This unit incorporates battery charging (BC) 1.2 technology which is able to detect your devices fastest charging speed for smartphones and tablets up to 1.5A per port. A mains adaptor provides up to 4A of power, to keep those power-hungry devices running without overloading your computer.



Transfer Speed: Up to 80MBps (5Gbps Theoretical)

Fast Charging: BC 1.2 (1.5A)

Power: 5VDC, 4A

XC4957 - USB 3.0 7 Port Slimline Hub

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