Sky-Watcher Heritage 3″ Table Top Dobsonian Telescope

Designed as a great choice for beginners and children, this Sky-Watcher Heritage 76mm Dobsonian is very simple and easy to use and makes an ideal gift for the young astronomer. Coming with a 5×24 magnification finderscope and two  1.25″ eyepieces, this telescope has everything you need to start out. The optical tube and mount come fully assembled, ready to use straight out of the box – just use the finderscope to point at your target, insert the eyepiece and enjoy the night sky!

The optical tube design is synonymous with Galileo and his conflict with the Catholic church. Galileo Galilei believed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, but his theory clashed with the geocentric theory held by the establishment of the time. His belief led him to be denounced to the Roman Inquisition; he was accused of heresy and forced to withdraw his theories.

The telescope tube is also adorned with the words “Galileo 400” in recognition that in 2008 his first telescope turned 400 years old.

Accessories in the Box:

  • Finderscope 5×24
  • Eyepiece Super 25mm (12x)
  • Eyepiece Super 10mm (30x)

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