Dual line plug adaptor designed for use when daisychaining solar panels together. Water & dust proof - IP67 rated. Commonly used on photovoltaic solar panel arrays. Fully sealed design is suitable for use in exposed installations. Rated 30A @ 1000VDC (70°C).

Contact Material: Copper, Silver Plated

Insulation Material: PPO

Rated Current: 30A (2-4mm2)

Rated Voltage: DC 1000V TUV

Test Voltage: 6000V (50Hz, 1min)

Contact Resistance: 0.5mΩ

Protection Requirement: IP67

Safety Class: II

Flame Class: UL94 - V0

Insertion Force: = Withdrawal Force: >= 50N

Temperature Range: -40 ~ +90°C

Overvoltage Category/Polution Degree: CATIII/2

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Solar Panel Male To Female 30A Y Adapter Pair

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