The Seaflo Supreme 12v water pump provides high volume water flow with reduced pump cycling, thanks to the quad chamber diaphragm and internal bypass. The Supreme water pump is designed to run on water systems with no accumulator tank necessary. It is also suited for use with a holding tank water system, as may be found in a boat, RV or remote cabin. It provides up to 9.5 liters per minute.


The 42 series Seaflo Supreme 12v water pump is self-priming, and can run dry without damage, performance reliable and low current. This automatic demand water system pump has a built-in pressure switch, which automatically starts and stops the pump when faucet is opened and closed. They’re easy to install service with quick 1/2″ screw on fittings


Width : 125.0mm

Height : 202.5mm

Depth : 111.0mm

Weight : 2.3g

Operating Temperature : 5.0°C

DC current rating : 6.0A

Seaflo RV Supreme Auto 12V Fresh Water Pump 55psi / 9.5LPM

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