N1114 • 100W Fold Out Portable Blanket Solar Panel

N1114 • 100W Fold Out Portable Blanket Solar Panel

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Stay powered up even when you’re away from the grid! These “blanket” solar panels simply fold out flat when you arrive at your campsite for instant power. Each model includes a solar regulator with 2.5m alligator battery clip lead for direct connection to your vehicle or auxiliary battery. Features 18.7% efficient monocrystalline cells for providing power even on cloudy days. The perfect accessory for going bush, they fold up into a small package for easy storage. Suitable for use in 12V DC systems.


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Shipping Weight: 5.50000Kg




Maximum Power: 100W

Optimum Power Voltage: 17V

Optimum Power Current: 5.88A

Open Circuit Voltage: 20.4V

Short Circuit Current: 6.28A

Power Tolerance: 3%

Solar Regulator Rating: 10A

Dimensions Folded: 368 x 325 x 50mm

Dimensions Unfolded: 1600 x 650 x 5mm

Operating Temperature: -10°C to 42*C

Weight: 5.6kg

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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