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Take out the stress from installing your digital TV antenna by using this DVB-T signal strength meter. No more multiple trips up to your roof to get that perfect picture. Connect the pocket sized DVB-T signal strength meter and adjust the angle of your digital TV antenna, the easy to read LED indicator lets you know when you've hit the right spot. Adaptors included.


â‬¢ Requires 1 x 9V battery
â‬¢ Input Level: 50-90dBuV

NOTE: This unit only measures over the range 50-90dBuV, which is the recommended signal strength for interference-free Digital TV reception. Most modern Digital TV tuners can actually operate down to about 25dBuV and still produce a good picture, but only in the complete absence of any electrical interference. Therefore you may encounter the situation where the indicator LEDs appear to be showing there is no signal, even when the TV is displaying a good picture. What itâ‬•s really telling you is that the signal level is below the minimum recommended 50dBuV.