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This SplashDrone 4 by SwellPro is a top-of-the-range waterproof quadcopter designed for both fishing and professional filming.À 

The fuselage, motors and attachments are completely waterproof and designed for use in harsh conditions. You can even launch or land the drone in water, and an auto power flip function ensures your drone is propeller side up.

With its payload release system, you can deliver and drop 2kg of bait at targeted locations up to 4km away at the touch of a button, and using the SwellPro app, you can program the bait drop or replay flights to successful fishing locations.À 

By attaching the optional waterproof 4K camera with 1-axis gimbal (GT4934 sold separately), get a first-person view of what the camera sees on your connected Smartphone. Insert a microSD card up to 128GB (sold separately) and record 4K video and 12MP high resolution photos to playback later. The gimbal enables you to remotely pitch the camera between 0 and 90 degrees to get the best view. À 

The included smart remote controller with built-in GPS includes a universal bracket to support most Smartphones. Just like the drone, the remote is also waterproof and floats in case you accidentally drop it into the water. Being waterproof also enables you to rinse off any sand, etc. after use.À 

Boaties will love the Follow Me and Orbit modes to record above and around the boat as they reel in their prize catch, and videographers will enjoy taking advantage of the mission planning function to fly along pre-programmed routes.À 

The durable propellers are easy to attach thanks to their twist and lock design, and the high-performance motors provide a stable flight for smooth aerial video and photos.À 

The high capacity slide-in smart battery features an internal battery management system for real-time battery monitoring and protection, and provides up to 30 minutes of flight time. Spare slide-in batteries are sold separately (GT4932) so you can keep fishing or filming for longer. To charge, simply connect to a USB power source using the supplied USB charging cable.À 

The drone isnâ‬•t limited to just fishing either. Its reliable and tough design also suits commercial and industrial applications such as roof inspections, water sample collection, coastal mapping, farm inspection, or delivering 2kg payloads to areas you canâ‬•t access on foot.À 

To keep your drone and remote control safe during transit, a hard case with carry handle is also included.

Remote control aircraft must be used in accordance with local regulations