Playing Bow and Arrows has just got much more exciting with this bow and arrow set that shoots up to an incredible 50m! The super soft suction cup helps it stick to almost any flat suface or the included target. Clips on the bow hold your arrows in place, so you can quickly reload as you run around. Set includes airbow, two suction cup arrows and target. For extra target practice, a three pack of arrows is available (GT3029).



- Shoots up to 50m

- Soft and safe

- Suction cup arrows stick to flat surfaces


Dimension details : Bow

Width : 95.0mm

Height : 410.0mm

Depth : 70.0mm

Weight : 130.0g

Toy Material : Plastic

Dimensions details : Arrows (Each)

Length : 230.0mm

Width : 75.0mm

Depth : 50.0mm

Weight : 12.0g

Dimension details : Target

Width : 410.0mm

Height : 600.0mm

GT3028 - Airbow Bow and Suction Cup Arrow Set

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