The Minelab GO-FIND 66 is the most advanced detector in the Go-Find range. It is more powerful, detects deeper and comes with the full version of the Pro App. Designed to find coins, relics, jewellery and treasure, it is the perfect high performance all rounder to take your treasure hunting to the next level.

Loaded with powerful features and with its collapsible design, the Go-Find 66 is easy to take anywhere. Take it camping, use it on the beach or have a hunt in your local park.

The Go-Find 66 is ultra light-weight so the whole family can use it. There is no assembly; just unfold, hit the power button and start detecting. 

Use your Go-Find 66 with the free Pro App to identify common coins, remotely control the detector, see information about the detector, share your finds with your mates, save your finds to Google Maps, customise your Go-Find 66 and app tones and adjust your advanced settings.  

Highly Recommended: Relics, Coins, Treasure & Jewellery Hunting

Best Suited For: Beginner to Intermediate users


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