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This adapter lead enables the DC solar charging socket on any solar ready, Brass Monkey Fridge, to be connected to an Anderson power network via theÀ 50 Amp Anderson Plug.À Charging will take place along with other equipment within the network.The adapter is ideal for use with existing DC power/charging networks, avoiding the need for the dedicated solar blanket GH2015.

Features include:

  • Anderson 12/24 voltÀ plug suitable for use with other Anderson style connectors
  • Anderson Plug provides the best possible connection with minimal voltage loss
  • 0.6À metres long
  • 2.1mm DC plug to fridge

A wide range of extension cables, battery boxes, plugs and fittings are available to develop, extend or modify an Anderson power network. Search with the key wordÀ AndersonÀ to view the whole range, or visit a store.

Compatible Fridges

Compact Fridges with Carry Handle:À 8litre GH2026,À 18 litre (blue/white) GH2046,À 18 litre (grey/dark grey) GH2047À 

Compact Fridge/Freezers:À 15 litre GH1623,À 15 litre GH2068,À 25 litre portable dual battery GH2028,À 

Ultra Portable Fridge/Freezers:À 42 litre GH2030,À 52 litre GH2032,À 62 litre GH2034

Fishing Dual Zone Fridge/Freezers:À 75 litre GH 2040,À 95 litre GH2042,À 115 litre GH2044

Portable Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer:À 35 litre GH2020,À 45 litre GH 2022,À 55 litre GH2024

Low Profile Dual Zone Fridges/Freezer with Wheels:À 75 litre GH2036,À 95 litre GH2038

Low Profile Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer without Wheels:À 75 litreÀ GH2080,À 95 litre GH2082,À 115 litre GH1684