Everything you need to solder without the need for mains power or butane gas. Power is provided by an internal Li-ion battery for up to 50 minutes of soldering from a full charge. A quick 5 minute charge can provide 90 seconds of use if the battery isn’t charged when you go to use it. An integrated LED provides light to what you are soldering, and safety features include overcharge, over discharge, and short circuit protection. The kit comes complete in a handy carry case with one 12W soldering tip (500°C), one 30W soldering tip (600°C), hot knife, sponge, and solder. To charge, simply plug it into an available USB power source. ESD safe.



- 30W/12W Tips

- Hot Knife

- Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

- Up to 50 Minutes Continuous Use from a Full Charge

- Regain 90 Seconds Use from a 5 Minute Charge

- LED Light for Illumination

- ESD Safe



1 x Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Soldering Iron

2 x Tips (30W and 12W)

1 x Hot Knife Tip

1 x Sponge

1 x Roll of Solder

1 x Carry Case

TS1545 - Rechargeable 12-30W Soldering Iron Set

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