Designed to provide additional airflow without increasing noise levels these fans have precisely balanced blades and long-life hydro-dynamic bearin. Ultra-low noise making these fans are perfect for a home theatre PC, or ventilating the amplifier wedged into your entertainment unit. To further improve silence, rubber fan mounts are included to eliminate fan motor vibrations inducing vibration noise. Rated to last for 50,000hrs at 40°C (even longer at 25°C).


Connections 3 Pin Molex



Length : 92.0mm

Width : 92.0mm

Depth : 25.0mm

DC Plugpack Voltage : 12.0V

DC Current Draw : 130.0mA

type of fan : Axial

fan air volume cubic metres : 0.89m³/min

fan air colume cubic feet : 31.3ft³/min

fan RPM : 1500.0RPM

fan noise : 20.0dB

fan bearing type : Hydrodynamic

fan housing material : Polycarbonate

fan impeller material : Polycarbonate

Fan Operational Life at 25°C : 100000.0hr

fan number of wires : 3.0pc

fan connector type : Flyleads

Tachometer Output : true

YX2572 - 90mm Silent Hydrodynamic Bearing Case Fan

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