Ceramic bearings run more smoothly, are quieter than their steel equivalents and their life expectancy is increased by a factor of six! While the average life span of a ball bearing fan is 50,000 Hours, a ceramic equivalent model has a 300,000 Hour life expectancy. Since 1975, considerable research, development and marketing efforts have been expended on zirconia or ceramic steel which offers the traditional ceramic benefits of hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, without the characteristic ceramic property of absolute brittleness. An ideal solution has been formulated with a product using Zirconia powder that can be injection molded for an economical manufacturing process.

Product Specs
Volts 12V
Size 25mm
Watt 3.4W
Speed 3200rpm
Noise 33dB
Wire 3x
Air 40.6cfm
Bearing Ceramic
Manufacturer Ceramica
FAN8025C12H-H - 80mm Ceramic Fan

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