2-Port USB KVM Switch YN8402

2-Port USB KVM Switch YN8402

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Share your keyboard, monitor, mouse, and USB devices between two different computers. It doesn’t end at your keyboard however, with a USB audio converter onboard so you can connect speakers/headphones and a microphone to the KVM too. But there’s no additional cables needed, only VGA and USB are required to each computer. It features a physical push button switch, as well as hotkey switching support. High resolution 2048 x 1536 display support ensures you’re not limited to low-grade monitors either. Power is even supplied by the USB ports, so there’s no power supply needed. Plug and play operation with no drivers required.



- Hotkey Switching

- Onboard Audio Interface

- High Resolution VGA Support

- Switching Mode: Pushbutton / Hotkey Sequence

- Operating Systems: Supports All Major Operating Systems