The TPMBKE1.8 universal mount is a product to mountan antenna on a tile roof.

  • Suitable for tile, colour-bond, tin roofs
  • Easier and quicker to install
  • Cheaper than traditional products
  • Environmentally friendly, lead-free design!

This product is an alternative to the lead flashing product but because of the amount of lead involved in the manufacturing process, many installers are becoming very much environmentally conscious of what they use. There are also state laws that prohibit the use of lead tiles and whilst in Victoria no such legislation exits, in Queensland they are a banned product for new homes. It won’t be long before Victoria follows.

The universal mount is very simple to install and is very robust once up. It’s made from Pre-Gal steel and the stay bars used are 25mm in diameter. The mast is also 25mm with a height of 1.8m. All hardware is supplied (nuts and bolts).

We are constantly getting more and more installers who are switching over.


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