This versatile fuse block provides fused distribution of your positive terminals, as well as distribution for the negative wires. This is especially handy in a boat or caravan which may not have a chassis-ground type system. Each fuse output accepts up to a 30A, up to 100A combined, with handy fuse-blown indication. Fuses not included, uses standard automotive fuses. 



- Up to 30A per output

- Red LED blown fuse indication

- Negative bus bar



Main Line:

 Terminal Rating: M5 Threaded Studs (32VDC, 100A Max.)

 Wire Size: #4-6 AWG

Single Line:

 Terminal Rating: M4 Threaded Studs (32VDC, 30A Max.)

 Wire Size: #12-16 AWG

Terminals: Nickel Plated Copper

Screws: Stainless Steel


Width : 85.0mm

Height : 138.0mm

Depth : 37.0mm

Weight : 250.0g


SZ2032 - 12 Way Fuse Block with Bus Bar

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