NPD12250 12V 25AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

NPD12250 12V 25AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Nominal Voltage 12V

Nominal Capacity 25Ah ,C20@1.80Vpc, 25°C(77°F)


Length 181mm(7.13 inch)

Width 77mm(3.03 inch)

Container Height 169mm(6.65 inch)

Total Height (With Terminal) 175mm(6.89 inch)

Rated Capacity


25Ah/(20Hr, 1.80V/cell)

24Ah/ (10Hr, 1.80V/cell)

21Ah/(5Hr, 1.75V/cell)

20Ah/(3Hr, 1.75V/cell)

17Ah/(1Hr, 1.70V/cell)

Weight 6.9Kg ±5% (15.21lbs)

Terminal Female Copper Insert I10

Container Material ABS

Operating Temp. Range

Discharge: -20 to +50°C(-4~122°F)

Charge: -20 to +50°C(-4~122°F)

Storage: -20 to +50°C(-4~122°F)

Capacity affected by


102% @ 40°C(104°F)

100% @ 25°C(77°F)

85% @ 0°C(32°F)

65% @ -15°C(5°F)