2 Year Warranty

Powerful frequency measurement with high accuracy, as well as capacitance up to 100mF! It’s a serious choice for serious tasks. Moulded case and the added facility of non-contact voltage detection.

- Cat IV 600V rated!
- Backlit LCD
- Frequency
- Relative measurement
- Min / max
- Data hold
- Inductance
- Capacitance
- Display: 2000 count
- Measurement Categoray: Cat III 1000V / Cat IV 600V 
- Basic VDC Accuracy: 0.5% 
- AC Rectification: True RMS
- Special Features: Non-contact voltage, back light, data hold, diode test, auto power off



Capacitance Ranges : 10.0nF, 40.0nF, 400.0nF, 4.0µF
AC Current Ranges : 200.0µA, 200.0mA, 10.0A
DC Current Ranges : 200.0A, 200.0mA, 10.0A
Frequency Ranges : 10.0Hz, 100.0Hz, 100.0Hz, 10.0Hz, 10.0Hz, 1.0Hz
Inductance Ranges : 2.0mH, 20.0H
Resistance Ranges : 200.0Ω, 2.0kΩ, 20.0kΩ, 200.0kΩ
Outdoor / Exterior Scale : -20.000000°C
Outdoor / Exterior Scale : -4.000000°F, 1832.0°F
AC Voltage Ranges : 200.0mV, 2.0V, 20.0V, 750.0V
DC Voltage Ranges : 200.0V, 2.0V, 1000.0V, 200.0V
Length : 200.0mm
Width : 92.0mm
Depth : 60.0mm
Size / Shape : 9V
Meter Input Impedence : 10.0MΩ
QM1552 - True RMS Inductance/Capacitance DMM

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