The wind is free, so why not use it to harness free energy? This wind turbine has a long lasting brushless alternator for less wear and tear and includes a MPPT charge controller. 


This unit features a stainless steel shaft, fasteners and marine grade bearings. The housing is cast aluminium, powder coated to marine spec with carbon fibre blades for strength and efficiency. 





• 12 or 24 volt charging

• Carbon fibre composite blades

• Corrosion resistant coating

• Mounting hardware required: 48mm OD shedule 40 pipe and guy-wires.

• Survival wind speed: 180km/h

• Rated Power: 500W at 50km/h

• Body material: Diecast Aluminium


MG4550 - 500W 12/24VDC Wind Turbine

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