Attaching solar panels to the roof of your caravan or the deck of your boat may sound like a relatively straight forward procedure - if you are happy to drill holes. If you've just sunk tens of thousands of dollars into your caravan or boat, that's probably the last thing you want to do, which is why we have introduced this range of ABS solar panel mounts. Quite simply, you stick these heavy duty ABS plastic mounts onto your caravan or boat using Sikaflex(R), and then screw your panel onto the mount. The solar panel is kept with adequate space underneath for cooling, and the curved design ensures adequate wind deflection for high winds. There are 4 different products, which can be used in any combination to suit your specific application.



ABS Solar Panel Spoiler Mounts 510mm, HS-8864

Specifically designed to deflect wind on solar panel edges that face into high winds, such as the leading edge of solar panels mounted on caravan or RV rooftops. Well matched to 80W and 90W panels oriented with the short edge leading into the wind.


Also available:


- ABS Solar Panel Corner Mounts set of 4, HS-8860

- ABS Solar Panel Side Mounts, 180mm, HS-8862

- ABS Solar Cable Entry Point, HS-8866

White ABS Solar Panel Spoiler Mounting Brackets - Pair

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