Draw Circuits Learning Kits by Circuit Scribe


Draw circuits with the conductive ink pen and then watch them come to life. Learn electronics fundamentals with examples and templates in the detailed sketchbooks. Each kit includes magnetic modules, LEDs and components that work with the pin adaptor module. Modules are magnetically attached to a steel backing sheet, completing the circuit. Easy-to-use.


Spare Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pens also available: KJ9320




KJ9310 - MAKER KIT - 17 piece


Contains a Circuit Scribe pen, eleven modules, battery, workbook and other accessories to take your circuit sketches to the next level with inputs, outputs, and signal processing in your circuits. 17pc.






KJ9340 - BASIC KIT - 11 Piece


Contains a Circuit Scribe pen, six modules, battery, workbook and accessories to get started. Explore basic circuit concepts like conductivity and work up to creating a touch-sensitive circuit using the NPN transistor. 11pc.




KJ9300 - ULTIMATE KIT - 32 piece


For more complex, robust circuits, which you can hoop up to programmable platforms like Arduino (Arduino not included). The kit includes everything from the Maker Kit plus extra LEDs, switches, motor and magnetic jumper connection cables. 32pc.



Assembly required

Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

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