KJ8966 - 14 in 1 Solar Robot Educational Kit

KJ8966 - 14 in 1 Solar Robot Educational Kit

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This kit has so many included parts we don't have the time to count them, certainly at least 100 or more. Notable are a solar panel, solar powered electric motor boat hull components, gears etc. This kit can be transformed into 14 different functional robots, some of which admittedly are whimsical, but the kit itself is a fantastic learning experience:  Mechanical, educational, scientific & solar physics skills are exercised. Best of all the kit comes with an assembly manual that is LEGO® like in the clarity of description. The manual itself runs to over 80 pages. 


Tool required: Side cutter - TH-1897


This kit can be assembled into:

• Turtle-bot

• Beetle-bot

• Boat-bot

• Walker-bot

• Dog-bot

• Wheel-bot

• Roly Poly-bot

• Auto-bot

• Slither-bot

• Surf-bot

• Boxer-bot

• Crab-bot

• Row-bot