Use as a cooler to keep canned drinks, bottled drinks, sandwiches, fruit and salads fresh and cold without using ice or cold packs. No more digging around icy water for soggy foods and dripping drinks. Also ideal for storing temperature sensitive medicines when travelling.


Use as a warmer to keep pre-packaged/pre-heated meals, take out foods, soups and stews, leftovers, baby food jars and baby bottles safe and warm, ready to eat while on the road.



- Compact, lightweight unit ideal for travel

- Perfect for day trips, picnics, lunches or the beach

- Thermoelectric system cools or warms below or above the ambient temperature

- Insulated construction helps keep contents cool or warm, even after disconnecting from the power source

- Capacity 7.5 litres (equivalent to 11 cans of soft drink)

- Can fit 600mL bottles standing inside

- Current Draw: 4A

- Cooling performance: Up to 18 degrees Celcius below ambient temperature

- Capacity : 7.5L

- Fused Plug: 10A

- Suitable Power Supply 12VDC, 5A Cat GH-1379


DC Voltage : 12.0V

Width : 310.0mm

Height : 295.0mm

Depth : 177.0mm

PSU Powers : Main Product

DC Plugpack Voltage : 12.0V

DC Current Draw : 5.0A

Item Connection : 2 Pin DC Power - Rectangular Pins (Suits Waeco)

Suitable PSU Included : false

Required Voltage : 12.0V

Current Draw : 4.0A

Vehicle Connection : Cigarette Lighter

Item Connection : 2 Pin DC Power - Rectangular Pins (Suits Waeco)

Device type : Cooler/warmer (Thermoelectric)

Fridge internal capacity : 7.5l

Functions : Cooling, Warming

External Material : Plastic

Temperature setting range : 5.0°C, 55.0°C

Supports power modes : DC, AC (Via power adaptor)

Internal LED Light : false

Low voltage battery protection : false

Portable 7.5L 12V Cooler / Warmer

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