Each device will trip within a few milliseconds under short cct conditions and feature protective rubber caps, test button and gold plated 5mm dia terminals. See Fuse & Circuit Breaker Section for full details.

70A DC SF2265

100A DC SF2266


Moulded in black electrical grade bakelite, these rugged and reliable devices allow you to simply reset rather than find another expensive fuse. They offer lower voltage drop than a fuse and can be used as an occasional circuit isolation switch. Two popular current ratings. Both units have the same physical dimensions. Ideal for car sound installations. Operating voltage is 12 to 14V DC


100A DC

Will trip at 110A or immediately under short circuit conditions.Supplied with 5mm dia gold plated terminals with captive shakeproof washer and provision for up to 1/4 mounting bolts. Protective rubber caps for terminals.

Test button on top of unit enables circuit breaker to be used as switch circuit restored with simple lever action.


SF2266 - 100A Circuit Breaker

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