Suitable for computers, office machinery, appliances, copying machines, power units, amplifiers, automatic vending machines, air conditioning, medical machines etc.


Long life - 60,000 hours @ 25degC, 30,000 hours @ 40degC

Ball bearing: 100,000 hours @ 25degC

Can be mounted on suction or discharge side

Wiring will not burn out, even if rotating parts are restricted.


Length : 40.0mm

Height : 40.0mm

Depth : 10.0mm

DC Plugpack Voltage : 12.0V

DC Current Draw : 80.0mA

Item Connection : Flyleads

Mounting Method : Through Hole

type of fan : Axial

fan air volume cubic metres : 0.16m³/min

fan air colume cubic feet : 5.4ft³/min

fan RPM : 6000.0RPM

fan noise : 30.0dB

fan bearing type : Sleeve

fan housing material : Plastic

fan impeller material : Plastic

Fan Operational Life at 25°C : 60000.0hr

fan number of wires : 2.0pc

fan connector type : Flyleads


YX2503 - 40mm 12V DC Thin Fan

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