Everything you need for mobile CB communications. 80 channel UHF CB radios complete with rechargeable batteries, dual charger cradle and a range of accessories. They have 0.5 watt output for up to 5km transmission range and CTCSS function. Ideal for bushwalking, camping, sports, etc.


•Sold as a pair

• No licence required

• 80 channels and 38 sub-channels

• Babysitter and parent-monitor function

• Auto power off

• Stop watch

• Automatic squelch

• Battery level indicators

• Key tone function

• Supports external AC-DC charger

Spare Battery to Suit Cat. DC-1029

UHF CB radio - What you need to know

A few things to note are the channel allocation. Channels 5 & 35 are reserved for emergency only, and misuse of these channels carries hefty fines or jail time. Besides these, the truckies use channel 40, 18 is the caravan and campers channel. Channels 1-8 and 31-38 are for repeater use, the latest standard states that 41 – 48 and 71 -78 may also become available for repeater operation to supplement the other repeater channels. Presently speech telephony is inhibited on channels 22 and 23 (i.e. data only). Channels 61, 62, and 63 are currently are not activated on all UHF units until approved by the ACMA at sometime in the future (In about 5 years time).

 NOTE: This product is discontinued. Please see our replacement DC1132

DC1027 - 0.5W 80 Ch UHF Transceivers

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