Hazardous Materials

This range of Lithium Iron Disulfide (LiFeS2) batteries pack 5-6 times the capacity of their alkaline equivalents in high power applications. Using these represents a 40-60% cost saving over alkaline batteries.

Max constant load: 2000mA


DC Voltage : 1.5V
DG UN Number : 3090
DG Ship Name : 3090 - Lithium metal batteries (eg Single use coin or cylinder cells)
DG Class : 9
DG Pack Group : Not Required
DG Hazardous Chemical Code : 4W
Battery Watt Hour Rating (Required for Lithium Batteries) : 18.0Wh
Dangerous Road Freight : false
Dangerous Air Freight : true
Battery Chemical Composition : Lithium Iron Disulfide (LiFeS2)
Battery usage : Disposable
Battery Peak Current : 2000.0mA
Amp Hour Rating : 3000.0mAh
Connection Type : Nipple
Type of battery : AA
Pack quantity : 4.0pc
SB2357 - Four Pack 1.5V Eclipse+ AA Lithium Batteries

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