This is a simple, fairly bullet-proof 18W/channel transistor amp and its surprisingly loud! It is ideal as a small office or workshop PA amp in churches, community halls etc. It is protected from accidental speaker wiring shorts and if abused will simply shut down and reset after it has cooled off. It has a front panel microphone input, bass & treble controls as well as a master volume control.


It is housed in a sturdy metal cabinet designed to take modest knocks and scratches. On the rear panel are left & right push down wire entry speaker terminals and a single right/left set of line level RCA sockets (if you want extra line level inputs we suggest you use the PA-3560 or PA-3570 double adaptors).



* S/N: 106dB @ 15W

94dB @ 1W

* Operating Temperature: 0-50 degrees C

Suitable microphones are: AM-4088, AM-4090, AM-4098


AA0472 - Low Cost Mains Powered Stereo Amplifier

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