Weatherproof Commercial Grade Infrared Beam

Weatherproof Commercial Grade Infrared Beam

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A heavy duty version of the common beam sensor used in doorway announcers, this commercial grade infrared beam is ideal for detecting when a person or object crosses a boundary or entrance way. Simply install the sensor module aligned with the reflector and the relay output will be triggered by any object which breaks the beam. The sensor module projects a modulated beam which resists interference from sunlight and can be used over a range up to 15m. Suitable for connection to existing lighting or security systems, and also compatible with the extension buzzer and counter add-on units for our standard doorway beam. The polycarbonate casing is weatherproof with an anti-fog sensor window making it suitable for use outdoors and in dusty or damp environments. LED indicators are included to assist with installation and provide a visual indication of the beam status.


The unit does not come with a plugpack but can be directly wired to 240volt or use a 12volt DC plugpack, if wiring into 240volt mains please use a licensed electrician.



- Adjustable vertical beam angle

- Narrow beam angle

- NC tamper switch output

- Terminal block and cable gland included



• Sensing range: 0.25 to 15m

• Enclosure Rating: IP66

• Relay output: NO / NC contact

• Output contact rating: 30VDC 1A

• Sensor module dimensions: 122(H) x 62(D) x 61(W)mm

• Reflector dimensions: 82(Dia) x 8(H)mm


Optional Accessories:

Please note these require hard-wiring to achieve compatibility.

LA-5188 Door Beam Extension Buzzer

LA-5197 Door Beam Counter Module