Ultra portable, take it anywhere! Individually monitored channels with LEDs for quick-glance charging status. USB powered for universal operation. Suitable for AA and AAA Ni-MH batteries. Steady charge rate to keep your batteries in top shape.



- 4 channels with individual monitoring

- Universal USB power 

- Compact and lightweight


Charge Time:

 AA: 8-11 Hours (1000-1500mAh), 12-16 Hours (1600-2100mAh)

 AAA: 10-16 Hours (500-800mAh)


Width : 68.0mm

Height : 98.0mm

Depth : 25.0mm

Weight : 55.0kg

USB recharge time : 8.0hr

USB Voltage Input : 5.0V

USB Input Current : 1.0A

Type of Batteries : Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)

Cell Type(s) Charged : AA, AAA

Number of Cells : 4.0pc

Charger Output Current : 160.0mA


MB3557 - Universal 4 Channel Ni-MH Battery Charger with LED indicator

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